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Infrastructure investments

Technical adjustments to the pretreatment of a waste can save a lot of money in the long term. VVG consults and finances.

It often happens that promising investments for in-house logistics cannot be effected in good time because of liquidity restraints. For ten years now VVG has time and time again financed customers’ vital logistics and infrastructure investments in order to quickly capitalize on improvement potentials. Thus the VVG has already financed several silo systems for foundry customers. The largest such investment to date was completed in 2012 at the Georg Fischer company in Singen. This made it possible to install a blending unit with all the peripherals required to moisten the top gas dust. This project brought about considerable benefits for Georg Fischer, both in terms of logistics and in regard to resource reclamation options.

Capital recovery is usually governed by long-term, clearly worded, contract agreements.