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Our customers are the best advertisement

The customers of VVG include major companies such as Daimler-Benz AG, RWE Power AG, Georg Fischer and more. Our general business service includes in many cases the entire material flow management for industrial waste. The works of Daimler-Benz AG in Stuttgart are cared employed for this purpose at the factory employees. For RWE Power AG VVG takes over the disposal of hazardous waste and power plant maintenance throughout the Rhenish mining area.

Mercedes Benz

The Daimler AG plants in Stuttgart are managed by employees who are specifically employed for this purpose at the plant. VVG organizes the disposal and logistics of all special waste and foundry-specific wastes.


For RWE Power AG, VVG assumes the disposal of hazardous waste and waste from power plant revisions in the entire Rhine region. In addition, the administration of Velbert is responsible for scheduling all transports.

Georg Fischer

VVG organizes for the foundries in Mettmann and Singen the most economical disposal and recycling paths taking into account temporary construction measures, market changes and changing material waste composition.

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